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Brooklyn Groove natural plant based cosmetics

Do you use zero waste packaging? Maybe you prefer vegan skin care products or perhaps you're looking for natural cosmetics that are not tested on animals? Creams, deodorants and tonics available in the Brooklyn Groove eco online store, meet all these criteria. As a producer of natural organic cosmetics, we pay attention not only to the effects visible on the skin, but also to those visible on the earth.

We are proud to be the first in Poland to present an extremely effective formula of charcoal deodorant in biodegradable (zero waste) paper packaging. We feel responsible as a producer of ecological and natural cosmetics to care for our environment.

We have been operating in Poland for two years and since then we've been awarded with in the "Love Cosmetics Awards 2019" as a finalist and then honourably mentioned in "Love Cosmetics Awards 2020" and "Qultowy Kosmetyk 2019" competitions. The honorable mention went to our Charcoal & Lime Deodorant Cream and our Lavender & Lemon Myrtle Charcoal Deodorant Stick. We are glad that our unique formula has gained recognition in the eyes of independent jurors and we, as a producer of natural cosmetics, appear with our products in an increasing number of stores throughout Poland.


At the fairs, in which we actively participate, we offer a 10% discount on a purchase with a return of our glass packaging.  We want to thank you for being aware, responsible and for supporting small family-based manufacturers.

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Hello! Today I would like to thank Mrs. Olga from @brooklyngroove for the cosmetic she created! I have already praised the serum for oily and combination skin on stories several times, but I think that you will REALLY understand me today. Check out the pictures below to see the effects. Between "before" and "after" I had a facial done at the beauty salon. After taking "after" photos, I was also on an acid treatment (especially before the procedure I took a photo so as not to falsify the effects). Also the effect you see is the picture was after using the serum and one treatment with manual cleansing. Did I expect this? No :) I did not expect so much. But from the beginning ... the first impression was a shock - could I tolerate such a smell? The smell is very specific. However, I quickly got used to it. After cleansing, I applied the serum to skin moisturised with hydrolat. Surprisingly - the cosmetic gets absorbed easily, leaving an amazing feeling of comfort on the skin. Although it is an oil serum, I did not feel heaviness or stickiness because it got almost completely absorbed by the skin. It does not dry the skin, it nourishes it and moisturizes it, while at the same time making it matt. Yes, my skin stopped being shiny. The skin has adjusted and it didn’t go crazy anymore. Blemishes - you can see for yourself. Works well with makeup. It successfully replaces cream. If you have a similar problem - I recommend it with all my heart. It’s my new favorite! It's better than my iossi naffi cream, which was the best so far. I am very happy that we found each other ❤️ and finally I will add that it’s in a glass bottle and if you are from Poznań, you can smell and buy this serum at @ekocuda this weekend 😉  Go to Instagram >

Below is a post from the Kosmotesty blog, which appeared on 12.04.19 and demonstrates the results of our Serum usage.



Good morning,

A month ago, at Ekotyki in Katowice, I bought a deodorant with lavender and lemongrass and since then I have been testing it (I haven't had antiperspirant under my armpits for a month). I'm not an easy customer when it comes to natural cosmetics (I apologize, I'm sweating mercilessly), but I think I found something that finally made me happy 😃 After a whole day, I DON'T SMELL ANYTHING! I can return home after running or training, wet with sweat, and still don't smell anything. No cosmetic has ever been so effective, no antiperspirant or blocker. It's amazing 😃 Surely, in the heat of the day, I might use antiperspirant at night, but generally I adore this deodorant with all my heart ❤️ I still have half a jar, but I'm already planning to buy a supply. Thank you for recommending this miracle.

— Ola

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